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Steps you can take to keep your mobile device safe.

Steps you can take to keep your mobile device safe.


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Taking precautions on a regular basis can reduce the risk your home or mobile devices will be comprised. There are a few setting options you can enable that will allow you to surf and shop online securely.

  • Did you know aside from locking your mobile device, you may also be able to lock the applications as well.
    • Some applications have the option to be locked separately. Check within the applications settings for options.
    • Android users can also download an app that will allow them to lock additional applications that may not have that option built in.
    • IOS doesn’t offer additional applications with this option, however many apps are offering the option to use fingerprint recognition.
  • If you’re done updating your status, tracking your shipping, and double tapping cat pictures, log out.
    • It may make things easy for you to stay logged into your accounts on your mobile device, but it also makes it easier to compromise your device.
    • If you employ a password manager you don’t have to worry about saving your log in credentials on each app, this way if your device is compromised your accounts won’t be.
  • Android users have the option of installing additional antivirus to their mobile devices
  • Don’t jailbreak your device.
    • The steps you have to take to allow your device to be jailbroken leaves it vulnerable to attacks, by disabling built in security.
  • Avoid public networks when you can.
    • While free wifi is very appealing, using public networks can make you vulnerable to attack.
  • Take advantage of device location offered through your cell or OS provider

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Additional steps to say protected.

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Ransomware, and malware like other types of cyber-attacks can be prevented with regular maintenance and vigilance. 

  • Back up your files
    • Set your system to do regular backups of your important information.
    • Don’t forget to back up your mobile devices as well. Including tablets, iPads, and cell phones.
  • Encrypt your files whenever you can
  • Be sure to patch and update all of your software.
    • Your software providers are constantly working to keep your OS and applications running smoothly, this includes patches to close up vulnerabilities.
  • If you suspect any suspicious activity, or believe you may have downloaded a malicious file.
    • Disconnect from the internet, this way no other devices are affected on the network.
    • Contact Fordham IT and provide them as much information as you can.
    • Fordham IT will work with public safety and local law enforcement to help you attempt to recover your files and protect you from future attacks.

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Wire Transfer – Malicious Email Sent to the Fordham Community on 12/03/2014

This is Malicious email that has been reported. This message was received on or about December 10th, 2014. Please DO NOT respond to this message or anything that looks like it. You may disregard and delete this message. If you have any questions about the validity of this email please contact IT Customer Care at 718-817-3999 or via email:

——————–Begin Message ———————

Date: Tue, Dec 9, 2014 at 4:46 PM
Subject: Re:Re: Wire Transfer

Hello Sir,

please kindly reconfirm the bank details once again,  as we are about to
initiate the second Wire transfer ,find attached the confirmation of the
first amount wired
.Please reply ASAP

Leanne James
P.N.N.S. Palitha

—————————–End Message ———————–