How To Secure Your Mobile Devices


Mobile devices are our most commonly used technological devices on a day-to-day basis. It is imperative that we secure our devices and not have any sensitive information become available. Today, I am going to be discussing how we can make our mobile devices more secure and help us feel safer.

Verify your Apps

  • Make sure that you only download apps from your device’s approved app store. This will help prevent unwanted and malicious apps from taking over your device. Official app stores have security specifications developers must adhere to.
  • Do not download third-party applications as they can cause vulnerabilities to your mobile device and might even be malicious apps.
  • Do not allow apps to access data that it does not need access to. An example would be a writing app asking for your location and photo data. The application does not need that information and you need to turn it off.
  • For apps such as traffic and weather, location data is necessary. However, its essential to make sure those apps will only have access to your sensitive info while you’re actively using the application and don’t run in the background.

Turn Off Unwanted Services

  • Turn off Auto-Join of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on your devices. You do not want your devices to randomly join other devices without you even noticing or giving permission.
  • Turn off Geo-Location data on the pictures that you take. Malicious users can take pictures that you post publicly on social media and get information on exactly where that picture was taken. The camera settings in your phone should have an option to turn it off.

Avoid Prying Eyes

  • When possible, avoid joining public Wi-Fi networks. While free Wi-Fi is nice, many of these networks don’t have security controls, leaving your phone unprotected. Don’t make any purchases or use your credit card while on public Wi-Fi either, as many cybercriminals can now spy on network traffic using Wi-Fi Pineapples.
  • Always log out of financial or shopping sites after you view sensitive data or make a payment. Make sure to use a password manager to store your credentials or other sensitive information.
  • Setting your device screen to automatically lock after a period of inactivity can protect it from unwelcome access. Using auto-lock and a strong password on your phone ensures others cannot access your device, even when left unattended.

In addition, remember to always install OS updates, many of these updates patch over vulnerabilities and refresh your device’s security. If you follow these tips, you will be much more secure on your mobile device and have an easier time on the web as well.



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