Steps you can take to keep your mobile device safe.


Steps you can take to keep your mobile device safe.


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Taking precautions on a regular basis can reduce the risk your home or mobile devices will be comprised. There are a few setting options you can enable that will allow you to surf and shop online securely.

  • Did you know aside from locking your mobile device, you may also be able to lock the applications as well.
    • Some applications have the option to be locked separately. Check within the applications settings for options.
    • Android users can also download an app that will allow them to lock additional applications that may not have that option built in.
    • IOS doesn’t offer additional applications with this option, however many apps are offering the option to use fingerprint recognition.
  • If you’re done updating your status, tracking your shipping, and double tapping cat pictures, log out.
    • It may make things easy for you to stay logged into your accounts on your mobile device, but it also makes it easier to compromise your device.
    • If you employ a password manager you don’t have to worry about saving your log in credentials on each app, this way if your device is compromised your accounts won’t be.
  • Android users have the option of installing additional antivirus to their mobile devices
  • Don’t jailbreak your device.
    • The steps you have to take to allow your device to be jailbroken leaves it vulnerable to attacks, by disabling built in security.
  • Avoid public networks when you can.
    • While free wifi is very appealing, using public networks can make you vulnerable to attack.
  • Take advantage of device location offered through your cell or OS provider

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