“Interdisciplinary research project” Scam Email

Screenshot of the spam email

If you receive an email that looks like the picture above, delete immediately! This is a scam attempt. Here’s everything you need to know about the recent “interdisciplinary research project” scam email attempt.

Some users in the Fordham community are receiving emails about a research opportunity that could earn them $250 a week from a spoofed email disguised as a legitimate email from Professor Nusret Cakici, a Fordham professor. The email first appears to come from cakici@fordham.edu. However, when the recipient replies back, the email changes to cakici@fordham.edu@gmail.com, a scam email account.

This attacker is attempting to gather information on whoever receives the email and will later ask you to provide banking information as well as request that you purchase gift cards to give to them for the research via email (or text if you reply back with your contact information). Information Security and Assurance has confirmed that Nusret Cakici, who is a professor at Fordham, is not the one sending out these emails.

If you receive an email like this, please delete it immediately and do not reply or provide any personal information. This is a scam email attempt.

When you receive an email asking for personal information, make sure you verify the account before sharing. Scam emails typically ask for personal information and banking information immediately, and you should consider this a red flag. Watch out for idiosyncrasies in emails, such as suspicious email addresses, spelling errors, or unverified individuals or organizations asking for personal information.

You may report suspicious emails such as this using the “Cofense Reporter” button (fish icon) on the right side of your Gmail inbox, or on the bottom of your email in the Gmail mobile app. If you have any other questions or concerns, you can call the IT Service Desk at (718)-817-3999. Thank you for staying safe!

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