Creating a Strong Password


Making sure that you utilize strong passwords is one of the easiest ways to protect your accounts and information from cybercrime. You want to make sure that the password is long and complex. When creating passwords consider the following tips.

  • Use a long Passphrase
    You want to use the longest passphrase permissible and include capital letters and special characters.
  • Don’t make passwords easy to guess
    Avoid using information that can be traced back to you such as your name or a pet’s name. Any information that can be easily found utilizing social media makes it easier for malicious actors to break your password.
  • Avoid using common words
    Utilize special characters to substitute some letters in words. Think of replacing letters with phonetic sounds such as ‘PH’ in place of an ‘F.’ Be creative. Instead of “Chihuahua” use “Shiwawa”.
  • Never share your password
    A password should be a secret you never share. As they say the best kept secret is known by one person.
  • Never reuse passwords
    Every account you own should have its own unique password. If one account is compromised any account that has the same password can be presumed compromised. Avoid this from happening to you by having a different password for each account. Utilize a password manager to help store and remember your unique passwords securely.
  • Double your login protection
    Use multi-factor authentication (MFA) to ensure that you are the only one with access to your accounts.

If you believe that one of your accounts has been compromised immediately change the password to that account using the above steps. If you are unsure about something or have a question or concern reach out to IT Customer Care by calling (718) 817-3999 or via email



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