Strong passwords (or phrases) can keep you safe.


Strong passwords (or phrases) can keep you safe.

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Many of us have taken cyber security trainings that encourage us to use special characters such as the @ symbol for an “a” or $ for an “S”, however cyber-criminals have developed technology that can help them crack passwords that use these tactics.

  • Consider a passphrase instead.
    • Passphrases are a series of unrelated words that are being used in place of our traditional passwords ( 8 characters 1 capital and special character).
    • For your passphrase to be strong and secure be sure to use at least 4 unrelated words.
    • ILoveYorkiePuppies can still be cracked if the cyber-criminal has done their homework.
  • Too many passwords, and not enough memory?
    • Consider using a reputable password manager.
    • These services allow you to store your information for several sites securely
    • There are several options available, as with any software there are free and paid versions available.
    • Do your homework and find one youll feel confident using.
  • A few highly rated free versions include:

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