Monitor all your accounts for suspicious activity.


  • Keep an eye on the activity on all of your accounts.
    • Review your bank statement and make sure there haven’t been any purchase or debits you don’t recognize.
    • Check your trash in your email accounts, hackers will delete login notifications, but not all of them think to empty the trash as well.
    • Have amazon or something similar? Check your order history and make sure there isn’t anything there you didn’t order.
    • Social media? Check your DM’s and make sure there aren’t any messages there you haven’t sent.
    • Go into your settings and check that things are still as you set them up.
    • Verify security questions are the same.
    • If there is a recovery email that it is the one you use.
    • If you get spam emails, flag them so your email provider can update their information and to keep your mail box clean.

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