Legitimate Email from Postini


The following example is a legitimate email from Postini , Fordham Univeristy’s Message
Center. The message is a first time message for account setup for Postini’s Anti-Spam and
Anit-Virus service. Please be assured that this is NOT a Phishing scam.

Dear user@fordham.edu,

Fordham University has activated your virus and junk mail protection

You should log in to your personal, password-protected
Fordham University Message Center as soon as possible.

Your login address is: user@fordham.edu
Your temporary password is: pigtail (You will be asked to create a new
password after first log in.)

To log in to your Fordham University Message Center, use the link:

You may also modify your default settings or deavtivate any services.

Thank You! Fordham University


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