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Got a speeding ticket? Maybe you DIDN’T!

Uniform traffic ticket malware attack widely spammed out | Naked Security

Your Android isn’t as safe as you might think!

Zeus for Android steals one-time banking passwords – SC Magazine US

Mac malware authors release a new, more dangerous version | ZDNet

Mac malware authors release a new, more dangerous version ZDNet

Just when you thought it was safe to own a Mac!

PSN Breach: Sony Says Credit Card Data Was Encrypted – BUT you may still be at risk!

Playstation Breach – Your credit card may not have been compromised… but they know more about you and may go after you through targeted phishing emails. Be careful… Think twice…



Epsilon’s Breach Disclosure Link


Epsilon Hacked!!! Does this affect you? Probably sometime soon.

As you may have already heard, Epsilon, the worlds largest email marketing company was recently hacked. It is likely that your email address was one of the ones affected by the breach. Fordham SecureIT reminds you to follow the advice from TechCrunch, “put on your thinking cap before you give anyone sensitive information like a password or social security number online.”


Facebook virus spreads via photo album chat messages

Facebook virus spreads via photo album chat messages: “New year comes with more malware. This time facebook users can see inside their chat messages a link pointing to a picture. That link looks like an application link, but this time it doesn’t ask for your permission to install and have access to your personal i”

Twitter Hacked! You can never be sure what site is safe…

Twitter certainly wasn’t!


App Store, Hacked. (Updated: iTunes Accounts too.)

App Store, Hacked. (Updated: iTunes Accounts too.)

New Windows Attack Bypasses EVERY Windows Security Product