What is The Cloud?


You’ve probably heard “The Cloud” used a lot on the internet and most likely have used a service that utilizes the cloud. The cloud is a network of data centers that hold your information via the internet. Before the cloud, a user would save their data locally onto the device that was being used. With the cloud, you can now save and access that data from anywhere. An example would be your Gmail account. You are able to log in to your Gmail account from anywhere and still have access to all the emails in your inbox. This is due to your Gmail account pulling the data from the cloud.

Why Should You Use a Cloud Service?

  • Ease of use. Using a cloud service you can access your data from anywhere with internet connectivity.
  • Low cost. Since you don’t have to own a physical device to store your data, you don’t have to spend a big chunk of money on a storage device.
  • Security. Cloud services have a robust cyber security environment due to being an internet-accessible service, they can also act as a backup for your data that can be corrupted on your device. To learn more about the cloud and its backup capabilities check out our blog post from World Backup Day here.
  • Sharing. With a cloud service, you can share your files with friends, family, and business partners more easily. You can grant them access to certain files without having to send them over email or other messaging services.

The cloud service is a great way to free up personal storage space and enable easier use of access. If you care to have a more private and secure means of access to your data though, it is preferable to have a physical storage device that only you have access to.

Source: https://www.cloudflare.com/learning/cloud/what-is-the-cloud/


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