Should You Get a Virtual Private Network (VPN)?


A VPN enables you to access the internet without letting anyone decipher the information. If you are on public WIFI and not using a VPN, a malicious person can see what data is coming to and from your device. This allows them to get ahold of sensitive information such as banking details, transaction information, and work data. Today we are going to learn about the benefits of having a VPN.

Benefits of a VPN

  • Encrypted and secured data. With a VPN, your data is within an encrypted tunnel and thus is not able to be read by malicious viewers.
  • Avoid having your data sold. A VPN allows you to connect to servers around the world depending on your VPN service. You can browse the internet without having to worry about targeted ads being displayed. The VPN allows your data to not be seen by your internet service provider (ISP) and thus disallows them to sell your online browsing data.
  • Mask where you are searching from. With a VPN, you can set your browsing to originate from Sweden or Switzerland even if you’re based in the United States. This allows you to mask where your searches are originally coming from and not allow a malicious person to locate exactly where you are.
  • Accessing regionally locked content. A big benefit of a VPN is that you can use servers from different countries. While being connected to a Spanish server, you can access content that is only available in Spain and not the United States. You can switch to different servers and try locating different content in each respective region.



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