Social Media: How to Stay Safe


Everyone in this day and age has at least one social media account. Whether your account is set to private or public, always be aware that anyone might be able to see what you post. Today we’re going to be learning about how to stay safe on social media while still enjoying its aspects.

Tips on Staying Safe

  • Set your profile to private if you haven’t already.
  • Do not allow social media apps to share data with other applications.
  • Disable location services on the app if it doesn’t necessitate it.
  • Post on social media after you have left the area that you are posting about.
  • Don’t have your password saved on the app. Opt-in for a password manager or simply enter it every time you log on.
  • Post only things you don’t mind being known by everyone. Even if you have a private account a malicious user can still try and access your data.
  • Don’t post content on a public WIFI unless it is behind a VPN that you own.
  • Verify that your friends’ profiles are not imposter accounts.
  • Report any suspicious activities you see to the social media company that you are using.
  • Disable people tagging you in photos to not let others know your account.

Trying to stay 100% safe and anonymous on social media is a hard task. I recommend applying some that you believe you will be able to adhere to on a daily basis.



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