Cyber Secure at Work


Maintaining cybersecurity in the workplace is crucial for preventing substantial negative impacts on businesses. Employees need to understand how to preserve the integrity of data and other private details. 

You can help protect information at work by applying the following tips. 

  1. Business information can contain sensitive or personal information and should not be shared with others at work. In situations that allow you to share this information, make sure the data is sent over a secure network and only to trusted, known individuals. 
  2. Passwords for your work-related devices should be throughout carefully and not easily guessed. For more information, see our article Creating a Strong Password.
  3. Know how to protect yourself and your company through social media accounts. Be careful not to share too much information about the company and the employees. Similarly, avoid posting information about your job or doing business-related activities on personal accounts. This could lead cybercriminals to the details they need to commit a crime.  For more information, see our article Staying CyberSafe on Social Media. 
  4. Data breaches can occur at any time and can come from anywhere, such as a fraudulent email or an accidental exposure of information. Cybersecurity awareness helps prevent situations similar to this and provides protection for users and their devices.  

          For those at home:

  1. When handling work-related business, use applications, and other tools that have been approved by the organization. 
  2. If you are hosting a meeting, be sure to place security measures such as a passcode. This ensures that only those expected will be allowed to attend the meeting. 
  3. Think ahead of what to do if an unapproved guest enters a meeting. Have a plan ready on how to handle this type of situation. 
  4. Adjust security settings and connect to secure networks to avoid sharing any unnecessary information. 



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