Recent Updates to macOS Big Sur and CrowdStrike Falcon


Following recent updates to both CrowdStrike Falcon and macOS, you may see the following message if after updating or restarting your Mac computer: “Falcon” Would Like to Filter Network Content.

An image of the pop up message asking the user to click "Allow."
The pop-up updated macOS users may receive.

This message is legitimate. If you receive this message, here is what you need to do:

  1. Click “Allow.”
  2. If a System Extension Blocked message appears (like in the image below):
    1. Click Open Security Preferences.
    1. Under the General tab click “Allow.” You may need to click the lock icon first to make changes.
The System Extension Blocked message.
The Security & Privacy window.

This only needs to be done once per machine and will not occur again with future updates.

If you already received this message and clicked “Don’t Allow,” simply restart your machine and you will be prompted again.

If you find the prompts are persisting even after following these instructions, or if you have questions, please contact IT Customer Care at 718-817-3999, or message


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