CrowdStrike Falcon Endpoint Protection at Fordham University


Fordham University is partnering with CrowdStrike and will be implementing an endpoint detection and response (EDR) solution. This is an advanced security tool that detects malware, viruses, and many other kinds of malicious activity.

How can I ensure my workstation is protected?

Fordham IT will be deploying this product via the Fordham network. Employees should leave their workstations on to ensure they receive the agent. Do not shut down your workstation when you leave for the day. If there is difficulty installing the agent onto your workstation a technician will meet with you to perform a manual installation.

How is this different from antivirus?

EDR assesses endpoint processes to detect, investigate, and remediate security incidents. This protects the endpoint from a variety of malicious activity that traditional antivirus might not detect.

Where is this being deployed?

Fordham IT will be deploying this agent onto all compatible Fordham-owned endpoints. This includes employee workstations and eligible mobile laptops provided by the University.

Will students be receiving copies of this software?

No. Only University owned devices are included in coverage at this time.

Why is the University doing this?

Educational institutions face the same risks as other large organizations. Cyber criminals employ a variety of techniques to violate security, damage systems, and steal private information. These methods are becoming notably more innovative. Fordham University is adopting new defensive technology to meet these challenges and keep our community safe.

If you want to know more about CrowdStrike, you can visit their site:

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