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Privacy on the web is a growing concern. Tom Merritt suggests five privacy plugins to help keep your personal information safe.

Privacy seems to be on the mind of a few people these days. Granted, most of the conversation is about how to get companies to respect yours—but until they do, there are some things you can do to protect your privacy yourself. Here are five plugins to protect your privacy.

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  1. Disconnect: It specializes in finding invisible trackers and then exposing them so you can decide whether or not to shut them down. The free version protects your browser, or you can pay for services that include a VPN.
  2. MyPermissions Privacy Cleaner: This one will run in the background and alert you if a website tries to get your information or files. It can also scan social media accounts to look for third parties who have access to your data.
  3. Ghostery: This is another good tracker detector—it will let you know when it blocks a tracker and show you its source. It also tries to help you understand how blocking will or won’t affect your browsing.
  4. Privacy Badger from the EFF: This one analyzes how you’re being tracked, especially across sites. It prides itself on blocking third-party trackers that launch in the background when you launch Chrome.
  5. HTTPS Everywhere from the EFF: This one automatically configures a site to show you the HTTPS version, if supported. This can stop malicious tracking from loading since it’s most often not secured, but the official site.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg—we intentionally didn’t even talk about VPNs. Hopefully these five plugins will get you on the road to feeling a little more private on the web.



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