Don’t give into scare tactics!


Don’t fall for scare tactics!

Hackers hope their victims are uninformed and easily persuaded because that’s the perfect recipe for success in their business. If users don’t know what to look out for, they can easily be baited into downloading malware or giving up confidential information.

Don’t feel forced to into immediate action.

  • If you receive a suspicious email that is threatening and requiring immediate action, take a moment to decide what your next step should be.

Is this an email about your banking or credit card account?

  • Then you should contact that institution directly, by phone whenever possible.

Is this a message saying that you have a virus on your system?

  • Perhaps you should run your antivirus software scan.
    • Taking a few moments to assess the situation and make your own decision can really make a difference and keep your accounts safe.

Many times your account or device hasn’t been compromised, and the hacker is leading you to a link that will compromise your account/device.

  • Remember that hovering over a link will show you its true destination. This is a good way to verify website.
  • Do not download any attachments included in any suspicious emails or use links provided within the body of the email to visit a suggested website.

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