Backup all of your devices, and do it often!


Backup all of your devices, and do it often!

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Backing up your files can help you if you are ever a victim of a cyber-crime.

  • Regular backups can help
    • Recover files that may have been ransomed or corrupted
    • Allow you to do a full wipe of a defected device
    • Ensure even in an accident ( such as water damage) your important files are safe to be recovered
    • Keep your device running smoothly
    • If you are doing regular backups you can go through and update important files and delete those you no longer need, therefore freeing up space and allowing your device to run effectively.
  • There’s more than one way to backup your important files
    • Create a backup or system image directly on the device.
    • Use reliable cloud storage.
    • Consider a portable device.
    • USB Flash Drives can be useful.
    • Consider the amount of data you are backing up and if it needs to be encrypted or not
    • Many options and sizes are available to meet your needs.
    • Ideal if you do not have a need to store a large amount of files.
    • USB’s can be easy to loose, consider password protection.
    • Remember the smaller the USB drive (in physical size not GB) the slower it maybe.
    • Portable External Hard Drives.
    • Have recently become more affordable
    • Also come in many different sizes, colors, and styles to meet your needs
    • Can be password protected and encrypted as well.
    • Would be ideal if you have a need to store a large amount of files as many being at 1TB

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