Keep your mobile device safe!


Keep your mobile device safe!

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  • Don’t think you’re device is safe from cyber-attacks or criminals.
    • Mobile devices are just as susceptible to the same types of attacks.
    • Including malware and phishing.
  • Use the same security on your mobile device as you would your personal or business computer.
    • Use a strong password
    • Passphrases are strong and hard to crack, use 4 or more unrelated words to create a difficult password for your device.
    • Such as PumpkinMovieCarStar
    • Alternate the letters you capitalize for additional protection, or add a special character as well.
    • It may take longer to log in, but it will ensure your device is secure
  • If you have a newer mobile device fingerprint recognition as well as facial recognition may be available.
    • Using these options allow you to unlock your device quickly, while ensuring it can’t be accessed by another party.
    • When using fingerprint recognition remember it allows you to store more than one print. Consider using one finger on each hand for ease of use.
  • If it connects to the internet, it should be protected.
    • Tablets, iPads, and net books can also be compromised.
    • Password protect these devices, encrypt important data on them
    • Do not save your user names and passwords on them.
    • Consider a password management system
    • Do not download applications from untrusted sites.
  • If your device has been compromised contact Fordham IT.
    • Contact Fordham IT and provide them as much information as you can.
    • Fordham IT will work with public safety and local law enforcement to help you attempt to recover your files and protect you from future attacks.

Detailed information regarding passwords and other IT security topics are available on our IT Security website at: or from our blog at

If you believe your device has been infected or compromised, please contact IT Customer Care at (718) 817-3999 or


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