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Using and keeping your Antivirus up to date is one of the major steps you can take to protect you from a Cyber Attack.

  • Tips for shopping for “Antivirus”
    • Like any other major purchase (while the cost may be competitive the use of the tool itself is a major key for cyber security) you should do a bit of research before grabbing something off of the shelf.
    • Consider your OS (operating System) while many major Antivirus’ should work cross platform, it wouldn’t hurt to look for a brand that is OS specific (Mac or Windows).
    • What are your needs? Do you use your device to surf, shop, game or just view and respond to emails?
    • Knowing what you need will help you determine how much protection you’ll want to buy.
    • If your current device is up to date, you may wish to locate an antivirus provider that will support your devices’ current OS.
    • Try to narrow down your search to a handful of hopefuls, then see if they offer free trials and give them a whirl.
    • The time you take to test drive each provider could help you find the right fit for your device, needs and budget.

Follow this link to get your free Antivirus issued through Fordham University: Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools for Windows or Bitdefender Endpoint Security for Mac

For more information on selecting an Antivirus visit:

Don’t forget to back those files up!

Each OS offers automatic system backups, which can prevent forgetting and not having everything backed up to date.

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