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One of the easiest things you can do to protect yourself is create a strong password. We’ve all struggled with meeting the criteria for some passwords (8 characters, one number, ect); however the sites that request these types of passwords are protecting their users by ensuring secure passwords.

  • Passphrases are the in!
    • As technology continues to grow and expand, so do the hackers and their abilities. Simply hashing your password isn’t enough anymore (h@$h1n6 P@55w0rd$) hackers have developed software that will help them crack passwords that use these characters.
    • Instead come up with a passphrase that consist of four or more unrelated words.
      • For example: PumpkinKartMineLoft. Simple words that the user can remember, but would be incredibly hard for a program to crack. 
  • If you’re worried you won’t be able to remember a phrase, then try hashing your password in different ways.
  • Try to avoid the common uses for special characters, instead try to use a varied combination of numeric and alphabetic characters.
    • If your password is elevator, try entering it as E13va70R

So what we did was capitalize the E then use the numbers 1 and 3 for the l and the next e we kept the v and capitalized the a then changed the t for a 7 the o for a zero and capitalized the r. This is just an example, play around with combinations that you are comfortable with and can remember.  Mixing up the alpha and numeric characters, along with capitalization can help keep your accounts safe.

  • Use two factor authentication whenever possible.
  • Some sites offer this additional protection which will require you enter and additional piece of information or have access to another piece of equipment.

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