Tip #9 Think Twice (Or Thrice) Before You Post

Image: Charles Clegg, Flickr

Image: Charles Clegg, Flickr

Always remember: there is no permanent “delete” button on the Internet. Once you’ve posted information about what you’re doing or where you’ve just been, it’s easy for attackers to seize your personal information and take advantage of you. Even if you’ve deleted your post, chances are someone saw your information, and that it’s circling somewhere on the web.

Search engines like Google and Bing make a copy of every single webpage, for example, which they then index and essentially freeze those pages in time, unless they’re refreshed by your browser. Archival services like the Internet Wayback Machine take snapshots of as many sites as they can for research purposes, and the Library of Congress receives regular archival copies of the entire public Twitter universe. Every single Tweet!

Be wary that once you post, people might be able to target you, even if you’ve deleted something from a social media site. Thieves could know that you’re out of town and rob your empty house, or they might choose to snag information off the boarding pass photo you just posted and deleted on Instagram.

So long story short, think twice before publishing sensitive information on the web. Make sure that what you’re posting won’t allow someone to take advantage of you.

Resource: The Internet Doesn’t Have a Delete Key.



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