Tip #4 | You Shared WHAT about Yourself Online??

Image: Vintage Ads. Entries tagged with lipstick.

Image: Vintage Ads. Cover Girl make up ad.

Whenever you post information about yourself online, be cautious about what you share. Even if you don’t post your exact address, related information can lead a stranger with bad intentions directly to you. For example, the name of your neighborhood and school, the bus or subway routes you take, and even a description or picture of your home may give away lots of clear details about where you live.

Anything you post, even if you delete it later, should always be considered permanent. That means not just a picture of your front yard, but pictures of yourself at a party in a not-so-pretty state (wearing a priceless Tiffany lamp shade on your head, for example). If you don’t want your relatives, future employers, school admissions officials, or strangers to see certain pictures of yourself or find out details about your life, then don’t post.

Less is more. Play it safe, and you won’t have anything to regret later on.

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