Tip #2 | Sharing Online with Friends, Cautiously

Ernie and Bert. 1969. IMDB Photo Gallery

Ernie and Bert. 1969.
IMDB Photo Gallery

by Merien Park, IT Communications Intern

Sharing with friends is part of what makes friendships work and why they are wonderful. But be careful when sharing online with friends, as well as relatives, acquaintances, and of course strangers!

When a friend or someone else you know sends you a file to download or a link to click on, be absolutely sure that person sent it. If the download or link doesn’t seem like something this person would send (would your friend send you a link for free tickets to a Yankees – Red Sox game if you’re known as a rabid Mets fan?). Check with the source before you click or download something. If you do follow through with the link or download and it seems suspicious, get of there fast. Contact IT Customer Care (718-817-3999 or HelpIT@fordham.edu) for help in identifying whether the link or download was malicious.

Needless to say, don’t open any files or click on something from people you don’t know or people you don’t know well. Also, an email can claim to come from someone you know, but that person’s email account might have been hacked. If the invitation to click or download looks suspicious, check with your source!

Fordham IT’s UISO also has a lot of information about online safe on their web pages.

Stay safe!


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