Tip #1 | Spam: Report and Delete!


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Did you know that if you click “unsubscribe” on some messages in your inbox, you might unwittingly share your email address with another email list? You’ll end up getting more spam, instead of less. The best way to deal with those messages is to send them to your spam folder and then delete them.

Most email clients, including Fordham Gmail, offer you the option to report as spam the unwanted emails sent to your inbox. When you report a message as spam or junk, you’re training your email filter to send similar unwanted emails to the spam folder the next time. Do check your spam folder at least once a month to make sure legitimate emails haven’t slipped in there. Here’s how to report spam in your Gmail.

At Fordham University, students benefit from Google’s spam filtering. Read more about creating filters for Gmail.

In addition to Google’s spam filter, Fordham faculty and staff receive protection from Proofpoint. This email security solution filters spam and traps email that contain malware or is from senders “phishing” for personal information. More information about Proofpoint, including how-to videos for creating filters, is located on the Fordham IT web page, Spam Management and Email Filters.

Stay tuned for more tips throughout October, which is Cyber Security Month.


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