WARNING – IRS Tax Refund Hoax


The University Information Security Office of Fordham University has identified the delivery of a malicious email purporting to be from the IRS sent to the Fordham community.  The email is claiming that the recipient was due a tax refund and should create an e-refund account with the IRS to get it.

Most of the emails have been either blocked or quarantined but a small amount were delivered.  It is likely that while they were allowed to by our Postini Anti-SPAM service, that the integrated GMail Anti-SPAM service blocked them and put them in your Spam folder.  Please disregard and delete these emails.

The emails would have been sent from: reminde@irse.com or reminde@irsm.com
The subjects of the emails would have been: “Final reminder: Tax Refund Notification” or  “Final reminder: Notice of Tax Return”

If you have replied to this email or followed any of the links within and provided the information requested, please contact your banks ASAP.  For additional information or questions please contact IT Customer Care directly at 718 817-3999 or via email: helpit@fordham.edu.

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