COMPULSORY FOR ALL UNIVERSITY STUDENTS,STAFF AND FACULTY- Phishing Email Sent to the Fordham Community on 3/20/2012


This is another phishing scam email that has been reported. This message was received on or about March 20th, 2012. Please DO NOT respond to this message or anything that looks like it. You may disregard and delete this message. If you have any questions about the validity of this email please contact the University Help Desk directly at 718 817-3999 or via email:


Dear staff/student,

Due to recent security update in the IT industry which is posed to making web messaging easy and more secure,the University directorate of Information Technology has decided a compulsory and immediate upgrade of the current webmail server to the Microsoft Sun java web messenger which is more secured with more storage space.

All staff/students are required to click the link below to start the email migration as no email or informations shall be lost after the migration to the new web messaging server

Please click the link below to verify your identity of your webmail
account for the compulsory update ;

Remember we are here to make the university messaging system a secure,fast and reliable mail service.

System Administrator
Director – Systems & Production Services
University Authorities

“security is our combined responsibility”


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