Messy Desks Spill Secrets

Keeping a clean desk isn’t just for neat freaks. A few good can help keep sensitive information from getting lost or stolen.
  • Lock up private papers. Store day planners and important notebooks in a locked drawer (and consider taking them home at night). Keep personal effects in a locked briefcase or cabinet.
  • Guard access tools. Keep cell phones and other handheld devices with you, along with keys and access cards. Notify security if access cards or keys go missing.
  • PC” stands for personal computer. Close applications and turn off monitor when you walk away from your desk (if it’s for a while, turn off the computer). Stow away portable media such as CDs when not in use. Use a password-protected screen saver. Never write down passwords.
  • Care for the fine printouts. Remove important printouts from printers before leaving the office. Shred sensitive documents when done. Regularly clear cache files from your computer and from memory devices such as printers.
  • Watch your back. Desks and other furniture should be positioned so sensitive information is not viewable from hallways or windows. Close blinds on office windows. Erase white boards (or use shutters to hide their contents). Lock your office door when you’re gone for an extended period.

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