Data-Stealing Trojan Exploiting Just-Patched Windows Flaw


Microsoft Windows users who have not yet applied the security update that Redmond released yesterday should take a minute to do that now: Security experts are warning that at least one Trojan horse program with apparent spreading capabilities is in circulation, and that we are likely to see additional malware exploiting the flaw in the coming days. The ThreatExpert Blog has the skinny on Gimmiv.A, a Trojan that appears to have worm-like ability to spread to other systems on a network. This is likely to be more of a threat for large, enterprise networks than for individual home users. On an unpatched corporate network, all it would take is for an employee to plug an infected laptop into the network, and without firewalls enabled on each machine inside of the network or some type of host-based intrusion detection software running, that network could be in real trouble very quickly. Oddly

Data-Stealing Trojan Exploiting Just-Patched Windows Flaw


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