Phishers, Virus Writers Exploit Global Financial Crisis


Security experts and the federal government are warning that scam artists are leveraging public concern over the global financial crisis to steal sensitive financial data and spread malicious software. In an alert posted Thursday, the Federal Trade Commission urged Internet users to be on guard against e-mails that look as if they come from a financial institution that recently acquired a consumer’s bank, savings and loan, or mortgage. “In fact, these messages may be from ‘phishers’ looking to use personal information — account numbers, passwords, Social Security numbers — to run up bills or commit other crimes in a consumer’s name,” the FTC said. Security firm Arbor Networks details two recent malware attacks that try to trick recipients into opening an e-mail attachment. One e-mail, claiming to have been sent by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., warns recipients that their bank accounts were involved in fraudulent activity. The attached file…..

Phishers, Virus Writers Exploit Global Financial Crisis


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