Recent Phishing & SPAM Messages


This is a broadcast message to the Fordham community regarding recent spam
email messages requesting personal information such as passwords.
Please do not respond to these types of messages. Please delete these
Fordham IT will never ask for usernames, passwords, SSNs, FIDNs, or any
other personally identifiable information (known as PII), via email.
We are in the process of developing a website to better inform the
community about electronic security awareness and to keep everyone
up-to-date on these types of phishing and or spam attacks. Additional
Information will be communicated in the next couple of weeks as we finalize
the web content.
If you are unsure about an email message’s validity – please forward it to
the University Helpdesk at
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the University Help
Desk at (718) 817-3999 or via email to:
Fordham IT’s standing maintenance window is every Thursday and Friday from
5:00 AM thru 8:30 AM.
Katherine S Egan
Executive Director, Strategic Program Office
Fordham University Fordham IT


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